SnowShoe Stamps are small pieces of plastic with secret digital identities.

From toys that unlock video game characters, to gift cards for digital currencies, we are increasingly surrounded by physical objects that are linked to digital assets.

... but if you are building mobile applications that interact with real-world objects, currently available technologies often don’t work for you.

SnowShoe Stamps are the perfect bridge between physical items and digital assets.

  • Stamps are super-easy to use
  • They don’t have expensive, fragile antennas, and they require zero electricity
  • They are nearly impossible to spoof
  • They work with all mobile devices on the market, including iPhones

SnowShoe Stamp

A SnowShoe Stamp is a simple piece of plastic that interacts with touchscreens. We can make millions of unique stamps, each with a unique internal construction that can be individually identified when it is touched to the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

   Form Factor

Nearly any physical object can be a SnowShoe Stamp. From toys to credit cards, SnowShoe Stamps are fully customizable for your application.

   Stamps In Action

Toys & Gaming

Toys are cool. Toys that unlock new characters in a mobile game are way cooler.

Hidden Content

Hide content on any webpage. Only users with the right stamp can access it. (Hint: touch a developer stamp to this page to find out more)


Give your barista a SnowShoe Stamp and move your loyalty card into the 21st century.

   What People Are Saying

"Coming from a gaming background, this is awesome! Bridging the real-world and digital spaces in a unique way."

George Jurgens


"Ordered a demo kit because I've always been a fan of black magic."

Clark Wimberly


"My immediate visceral reaction was this could be an amazing way to transfer and discreetly travel with bitcoin keys!"

Chase Perkins


   Start Developing Today

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Each kit comes with two unique stamps. You can use these stamps to play with our demo applications, to build your first app in less than two minutes, or to start building the digital:physical project of your dreams.

SnowShoe Stamps are small pieces of plastic with secret digital identities.

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